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Terms of Service

Here you can find the current: Terms of Service


Where can i find news and information regarding shared appartments?

Check out our BLOG!


How much does it cost to use Meine Perfekte WG?

On MeinePerfekteWG you can find your flatmates for free! If you are happy with that please recommend us to your friends or share our page on Facebook! In the future we plan to offer some additional „premium“ functionalities, which will make it even easier for you to find your perfect flatmates..


How can I find people and rooms in a specific region or district?

You can limit your search geographically. You can specify a certain point and define the radius within you want to search.
You can specify the centre of a town like „Vienna“, or you can specify explicit buildings or exact addresses like „University Of Cambridge“ or exact addresses like „490 Fulham Road“
After that you choose the distance, of how far away your search results should be.
You can specify your search criteria in your user profile. They will be used each time you login to the portal. if you realize that you have to many or too few results you can also adjust those parameters next to your search results.


How does the matching work? Why do I need to answer the questions?

It is important to us that you do not find any flatmates but those you really want to live with. Therefor you answer a view questions about your preferences and expectations. Especially party life and cleanliness are hot topics when living together.
We compare your expectations with the assessment of potential counterparts and vice versa. We also consider how important a topic is for you.
Some aspects are really „showstoppers“, others are not that much of a drama if not a perfect match. Our smart algorithm in the back combines all those information and will then calculate a matching number between 0 and 100 percent. 0 means, there is absolutely no aspect where you fit and you will never be happy sharing an apartment. 100 means: Wow! This is your perfect match, your expectations fit together in every single aspect.


Why do I have to create a user profile?

We are putting the people in the centre of interest, not the real estates. Therefore it is important that both people, either offering a room or searching for one, are presenting themselves with pictures and some information. Like this you can quite early decide which candidates could be a good match. The common approach of finding flatmates is to go through tons of mass interviews that are time consuming and exhausting. With WhoShowersFirst you save a lot of time and energy by prescreening profiles that are already matched with you.
Additionally, you use your profile to save your search criteria for the next time. Thus,  next time you login you can start finding people right away.


Why is there a question mark poping up with some search results („ ?% “)?

This number specifies how good you match with this person. If there is only a „?%“ instead of a number, this means, that either you or the other person has not answered any questions so far  and we cannot match you. We can only filter the results  based on the basic criteria like location and costs.
If you did not complete the quetions yet, you should do it right away. Click on the picture icon on the top to enter your profile. It only takes 15 min and we can match your search results for those people who match your expectations best and will save you time and efforts afterwards!


Who is Dr. Duck?

Dr. Duck is our expert for living together in shared flats. He asks you about your expectations and explains how much you match and which aspects of living together might be challenging.


In which countries is MeinePerfekteWG active?

In general you can use our system in any country in the world. We launched in Austria and Germany but are constantly growing our community. Open a room in your city and invite all people interested to join MeinePerfekteWG as our matching questions will help you to safe time and energy to find your perfect flatmate.


How can I delete my profile if I have already found a room or flatmates?

There are two different options on how to remove your profile from the system:
„Deactivate“ your account and you will not be found in the search anymore. We will not send you any e-Mails or notifications, but we will keep all your data and pictures for your next search. Whenever you want to re-activate your profil you can simply login, reactive it and start finding.
„Delete“ your account and we will permanently remove all your data, pictures and login information. If you want to use MeinePerfekteWG again, you will need to re-register.


Are you sharing my data with somebody else?

No! We will not share the data or pictures you uploaded in your profile with any other organisation or company. We will use your data only for features within the MeinePerfekteWG platform.



Why do you anly address men?

MeinePerfekteWG addresses female, male and transgender people in the same extent. With reference to easier readability only one gender will be referenced.