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1. My cleanliness


left dishes, dust grains in sight

clean freak

no dust grain in sight, Mr. Propper was here

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2. My sound level


quiet and considerate


can be at full volume, but my hairstyle holds strong

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3. My numbers of visitors

secure stronghold

nobody gets in


everybody is welcome

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4. My degrees of planning


only one plan: spontaneity and carefreeness

law and order!

cleaning-schedule, cooking- schedule,... all schedule

Please select

5. My luxury class

economy Class

saving ist the device

first Class

toilet paper 7-ply, organic supermarket & cleaner

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6. My community life

all alone

in my room or on the road

all together

common activities are essential

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7. My accounting modalities

Intuitive calculation

you pay, i pay, then you...

Hyper-accurate calculation

we calculate every grain of salt

Please select

8. I am...

like a quiet mountain lake

quiet and reserved

like a waterfall

always sputtering

Please select

9. I am...

like a sloth

lazybones and sloppy

like a sedulous bee

organised and effective

Please select

10. I am...

like an „always-friendly“

conflicts are avoided

like a „superhonnest“

everthing is directly adressed

Please select

11. I am...

like a snowman in spring

slightly nervous

like an actionhero

stress-resistant and always cool

Please select

12. I am...

like a fraidy cat

reserved and routine-loving

like an adventure cat

stops at nothing, loves new things

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